The Brooklyn Bar Associated referred me to Jaime. I consulted with him, he was very patient, professional, and knowledgeable. He provided answers and options to all of my questions with pros and cons for various issues. At the end of my consult, my understanding of what I deal with was vastly improved. I left our discussion with a much better take of things. My view of Jamie is someone who is professional, knowledgeable, genuine, caring and honest. My issue was further along when I spoke Jamie and based on discussion with him, it did not make sense to change directions. I would definitely retain Jamie Lathrop if another issue comes up or recommend him to someone else.

Professional and Knowledgeable

Brian O

Jimmy Lathrop just represented me in a landlord/tenant case. During the initial consultation, he took the time to fully explain all my options and answer all my questions. His understanding and good humor put me at ease. His optimism about my case was based on his years of experience handling these types of cases. I left the consult feeling much better knowing the situation was going to be handled by him. He is great at responding immediately when I'd call or text with a question. Most importantly he delivered what he promised. There were 2 court appearances and got the situation to settle the way I wanted. The Brooklyn Bar Association recommended him to me and I'm very glad they did.

Great Representation for Tenant


I hired Mr. Lathrop after I fired my lawyer of 9 years who told me to just resign a commercial lease without evidence that my current one was still valid due to a foreclosure of the property. Mr. Lathrop was recommended by an acquaintance who at that time saw him for a consultation. My intuition said he sounds like the lawyer I need. Upon meeting Mr. Lathrop for the first time, I sat there asking him questions and he would go on sharing scenarios to find my own answers. Awesome. With confidence I hired Mr. Lathrop right then, put my full trust and 6 months later we won the case. My experience with Mr. Lathrop was very informative and I learned a lot about the laws in my particular case. Some people described his demeanor to be arrogant and rude- In my opinion I perceived it as straightforward and true facts (Business!). We all know that coming across a person with integrity and being honest is your blessed day. I went on telling Mr. Lathrop that if we did not win the case by far he is an amazing lawyer and did what he needed to do. I am thankful he also trusted me as a client.

Lawyer for Life

Cathy Grace

No one looks for an attorney when they are happy. Well, unless you hit the lotto or something.. so if you need someone to stand up for you and help you get what you deserve, call Mr. Lathrop.

Jaime is truthful, patient, professional, and empathetic... However, be prepared. He provides the precise dash of authenticity (and somewhat ruthless!) NYC experience that's needed to win your case. Call him. He will pick up the phone and he will get you on your way to solving your problems.

Problem Solved.


Working with Jaime Lathrop was a very smooth and stress-free process, he was always available to answer all of my questions, and he is very professional. My issue was resolved in a timely manner. I definitely recommend his services!



Jamie was presented with a seemingly impossible fete; I was not expecting to win my case but I simply expected a reasonable settlement. He took my case with no promises and I appreciated his honesty. Jamie and his team (Tom Kwon), took the bull by the horns and represented my interests to the best of their abilities which was a lot. Not only was I represented very well against a major corporation but we won the case uncontested. I witnessed a miracle and thank God for The Offices of Jamie Lathrop. I would recommend him over and over again.

Performed the Impossible


Jimmy represented my husband in a 3 year legal battle with both the ex he purchased his co-op with and the bank. He won both of those for my husband. He also had to deal with an awful management company that tried to block the sale with a very slow (6 months) approval process for a purchaser that well qualified. In all instances, we were satisfied.

Got the Job Done


We hired Jaime for the purchase of our coop. It was a long process with a slow-moving board. Jaime's real estate knowledge was extraordinary. His explanation of the process really helped us make the right decisions. He was patient, clear, direct, and prepared. Jaime was always quick to respond to our questions and many emails. He stayed engaged and kept us grounded through the whole process. We felt confident with him in our corner. He came recommended by several friends who have used him for landlord disputes. Highly recommend!

Great Real Estate Lawyer!

Dakota & Paddy

Mr. Lathrop has helped me on numerous occasions. Most recently in a closing for a bar in a disastrous situation with the previous owner and the management company. This took us 8 months to reach closing with tons of ups and downs, surprises, and absurd demands from the other party. Mr. Lathrop made sure I was protected the whole way, always giving me every perspective, opinion and option, even if it was one I didn't want to hear. He can be abrupt in his honesty and his approach but you only find that kind of confidence in people who know what they are doing. If you are looking for someone to defend you, be honest to you, and cover your ass on every little detail.....then Mr. Lathrop is your guy! I wouldn't use anyone else.

Knows His Stuff and Gets the Job Done


We needed a lawyer for a Manhattan real estate transaction and we were very fortunate to have found Mr. Lathrop. He navigated us through this process with great communication (he was always available to talk) and expert knowledge. Would work with him again anytime. Thank you!

Very Helpful and Professional


Jaime Lathrop assisted my late parent's legal firm (Goldfarb and Associates) in keeping their apartment out of the hands of an unscrupulous Reverse Mortgage Company. Mr. Lathrop at least twice successfully defended our interests at court. I am very grateful to him. We have, thanks to him, successfully negotiated the sale of the apartment.



My wife and I contacted Jamie on a rent overcharge with the DCHR. All the other lawyers that we contacted to represent us said they couldn't do it or would charge us a fee upfront. Jamie got done and did it at a reasonable rate and in a timely manner.

We enjoyed working with him and found him so refreshing and accessible. He has a no-nonsense approach, was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We felt like we were in good hands and most importantly, that he was on our side. We would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Amazing Lawyer, Gets the Job Done!


Jamie stopped the mortgage company from selling my house in a foreclosure sale. The mortgage company was a predator lender and Jamie stopped them in their tracks! My wife and I are very grateful to Jamie and Dave.

Saved My House, Great Lawyer!


Atty Jimmy Lathrop has been my attorney, representing me on my case for over 5 years. I am so grateful to him and his firm for taking my case when I was literally down and out, and has followed through believing in me and my case from day 1. If you are reading this review, you can rest assured Jimmy Lathrop will work 100% for you and your case. My family and I are very happy with his knowledge and capacity to implement the law for us and I am sure he will do it for you. That is the person I have come to know.

Trustworthy, Caring , Exceptional


About a year ago, I needed the assistance of a lawyer regarding a pending foreclosure. I attempted to file for a loan modification on my own, and after numerous unsuccessful attempts even with the assistance of a HUD counselor, I was referred to Jamie Lathrop. I am so glad I made the call to him, he has been instrumental in saving my home and more. Jaimie Lathrop provided me with an outstanding representation and a successful outcome. He was also successful in getting the mortgage amount reduced. He was committed and devoted to my case. I have nothing but good things to say about Jamie Lathrop, his level of knowledge and expertise put my concerns at ease. Jamie and his staff were always professional, courteous, considerate and easy to work with. I will surely recommend to anyone seeking a lawyer who will help and really care. If ever a need, would not hesitate to use again. I was extremely satisfied, with much gratitude.

Professional! Committed! Highly Recommended! the Best!


Jamie helped with more than one issue regarding my home. He was a professional, direct no-nonsense kind of guy. I would highly recommend you talk to him about any legal issue that you may have. He is very reasonable and will be upfront about your case and options.

Professional, Trustworthy, Highly Recommend!


I fully trust Jimmy with all things legal and have had him as my lawyer for nearly a decade. He's been there for me through several real estate transactions and business ventures. He always gives sound advice, providing thoughtful rationale and clear explanations for his recommendations. I truly feel lucky to have him on my side.

Best Lawyer in Town


Jaime knows his stuff. He is known for his no-nonsense approach and his ability to get the job done. I have used him on more than one matter, and he was responsive, knowledgeable and successful each time.

Has Helped Me More than Once


Mr. Lathrop helped me with my divorce. He was very helpful in explaining the process to me carefully and clearly and was excellent about responding to any of my questions in a prompt manner. Mr. Lathrop handled my divorce in such a way that made something that could have been very stressful not at all and the periodic updates helped me feel that my case was being taken care of. I highly recommend Mr. Lathrop for any legal matters.

I Highly Recommend!


I contacted Jaime after going into a panic over receiving an eviction notice. Jaime immediately had a quick and easy game plan for me... which worked! He was pragmatic yet optimistic while being compassionate to my situation. What I appreciate most is that his advice was not self-serving in that he did not try to rack up hours in order to bill me, etc. He advised me in a way that was in my own best interest. I appreciate honest people like this and if I ever have another legal issue in his area of expertise, he will be my first call!

Provides Quick Solutions


My landlord denied me a renewal lease without cause due to an unrelated dispute, and after some research, I found what I believed to be grounds to fight back. I spoke with Jaime Lathrop about it and his office got started right away. He was not only able to fight the termination of the lease in court but I was able to keep and renew my lease ever since.

Dependable Advocate Against Unreasonable Landlords