Concerned That Your Landlord Is Taking Advantage of You?

Ask a landlord dispute attorney in Brooklyn, NY about your rights

Receiving an eviction notice or an overcharge order would make anyone panic, especially renters who don't know how to fight back. It's smart to consult a tenant lawyer before doing anything. Otherwise, you might sign away your rights.

The Law Offices of Jaime Lathrop, P.C. has represented Brooklyn, NY area renters in all kinds of landlord disputes. Attorney Lathrop is a compassionate advocate and a ruthless opponent, which has made him a successful tenant lawyer.

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4 types of disputes we can resolve

When it comes to tenant and landlord disputes, attorney Lathrop has seen it all. He has extensive experience handling disputes involving...

Cases of tenants not paying their rent
Cases of tenants allegedly violating the terms of the lease or refusing to vacate after a lawful lease termination
Illegal apartments
Cases of landlords renting out units that haven't been registered
Succession rights
Cases of occupants becoming lawful tenants when the person on the lease dies

We can discuss your options in depth. Reach out today to arrange a meeting with attorney Lathrop in Brooklyn, NY.